Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Please help me welcome XOXO Publishing author, Vivi Pruitt!

What inspires your poetry?
Life inspires me. Translating my experiences, especially the meditative ones, was challenging to me. It’s difficult to put something into words that is beyond words. I’ve always been clever and witty, a gift from the advertising career I had in the past. But my perceptions of reality coupled with a lot of meditative experience and my love for minimalism, rhyming couplets and poetic verse all came together. Beautiful experiences create beautiful poetry.

How long does it take you to write a novel from start to finish?
I usually allow one to two years to complete a book. Publishing takes at least 6 months. “Night Light” was written before “Divine”, if you want to know the linear time. My new book, “VIVIJI”, was written in less than a year. Lots of inspiration.

Do you have a demanding muse?
I want my muse to be satisfied. Gifts of love are always a pleasure. My challenge was typing, and compilation of the manuscript to satisfy my publisher, which created a few nail biting nights.

What do you hope every reader gets from a Vivi Pruitt novel?
Enlightening perspective!

What does your work space look like?
When I began writing these two books, I had just moved into a new log cabin in the mountains. I was living in a small town and needed space, so a move to the outskirts into the mountains seemed a smart one. I loved creating a beautiful environment, very spiritually uplifting, so I decorated with gold and statues, pictures of Krishna, Buddha, mirrors and prisms and crystals to create rainbows, really like a temple or shrine. And I began settling in, and meditating. It was a wonderful place to write these two books. Surrounded by nature, I had incredible views of mountains, and storms followed by rainbows. It was a very spiritual place. I even had a vegetable garden. It seemed many times like I was in a boat. I’ve visited many log cabins, but I had never lived in one until then. To make a long story short, I wrote the books and moved.

What advice would you give to an aspiring author?
Contact XOXO Publishing!

What qualities should every hero have?
To be the example. Every hero should be the model and inspire the reader to be like him, in my opinion.

What qualities should be in the heroine?
A heroine should make you feel excitement! The eternal honeymoon of life, bursting at the seams with all the pleasures.

What would you like to ask our readers?
Can you read so slowly that the spaces between the words in my books of poetry allow you to experience silence and stillness, and perhaps meditate?
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An excerpt from Night Light by Vivi Pruitt

When true loves kiss awakens me
Within my soul divinity.
A holy union in my heart
Reflected in the sacred art.
The magic of a fantasy
A gift of love so heavenly.

Within the one the many hides
A face of love with many sides.
Divine the father holy ghost
Divine the mother sacred host
Divine the child within the womb
Eternally the roses bloom.

Unto this world my mind I give
The breath of life these days to live
The angels fall before me now
Her grace behold a humble bow.
The magic chord a golden key
Behold the light her majesty.

A song of love the memory
Sweet melody a symphony.
Two disappear remaining one
To light the way the moon the sun.
Around my head halo of stars
Sweet unity the world is ours.

Upon the altar in my mind
The sacred cross for thee to find
The light of love surrounds me now
Filling my heart astound me now.
The sacred union in my soul
The one and only makes me whole.

In silence beating hearts so still.
This emptiness for Thee to fill
On angel wings so red the rose
Into my ears whisper propose.
The master’s hand and heart to steal
Angel asleep the kiss the seal.

When true love’s kiss awakens me
Within my heart divinity
A curtain opens in the night
The light of love still burning bright.

Behind the veil dark shadows lie
I raise my hands up to the sky
Into this world Awaken me!
My love shall not forsaken me.

Around me now arms open wide
Astound me now nowhere to hide
Abound me now beyond compare
Surround me now with riches rare.

One final note my gift to you
May all your hopes and dreams come true.