Friday, January 4, 2013

2nd Anniversary Post

** My port of call is Belize**

Hi all,

Thanks for stopping by my blog for the 2nd Anniversary contest with Secret Cravings Publishing. You know I never know what to put on these things so I guess I'll just ramble a bit.

You all know I write cowboys. I do love them, you know. There's just something about the way they are. They make me all tingly and stuff. :-) One of these days I'm going to get to go to Vegas during National Finals Rodeo and just soak up the atmosphere. I've written about it enough times and yes, I've been there during the 2 weeks they have it going on, but I haven't went to the events. The cowboys take over Vegas during those 2 weeks in December and let me tell you...yummy!

I would also like to go there for the PBR World Finals. They do those in October. Maybe this year I'll make the trek and see it for myself.

What do you like about cowboys? What is about them that makes them so great to write about? Do you like to read cowboy romances? They seem to be good sellers as long as you get someone who knows how to write them. I hope I'm one of those. All writers have their niche and mine are cowboys. I do own horses and love to ride when I can. I don't get to do it as much as I'd like, but boy are my two spoiled! They are great pets but they eat a lot and they take work to maintain them such as shots, worming, cutting their hooves.

I spent 4 days at a dude ranch in San Antonio this past August. It was a fantastic experience! It totally renewed my energy and sparked a new series I'm doing called Cowboy Dreamin'. The first one will be out in spring of this year with a little luck. I need to buckle down and get busy. Joel (that's the name of the hero) is impatiently banging his spurs on the side of my desk as we speak. He and Mesa are going to get into a lot of trouble from what it sounds like. She's a romance writer who's lost her inspiration until she meets him. :-P I know. I'm evil to whet your appetite like that!

Leave a comment to win your choice of any of my available book! I'll chose a winner on Monday morning.

Anyway, off to write. Enjoy the little snippet of the book and the sexy cover!

~ Sandy

P.S. Make sure you check all the authors so you can get in on the grand prizes!

Water ran in rivulets down the windshield. Lightning continued to flash and thunder rolled over the area. She sucked in a large breath as she bit her lip. What the hell do I do now?
A moment later she heard a tap, tap, tap on her window. She jumped and screamed as a face appeared near her door. Green eyes with long lashes stared back beneath a black cowboy hat. Black hair ruffled slightly with the wind.
"Ma'am? Are you all right?"
"I'm fine."
"You need to get this car out of the water. You'll be washed away. It's rising fast."
"I can't. I'm out of gas."
"Open the door."
"Hell no. Do I look crazy to you?"
"Trust me. If I were a serial killer, I wouldn't be out in this shit trying to find women to abduct. I'm going to help you, but you need to get out of the car before we're both swept away."
Mesa bit her lip. What the hell was she supposed to do now?
"All right." She eased open the door to find the water almost to the bottom. The cowboy pulled the door the rest of the way as she grabbed her purse.
"We have to hurry," he said, taking her hand as he helped her from the car. "Let me help you. This water is rushing pretty fast."
A red horse stood patiently several feet away with its head down, riding out the storm the only way horses knew how. A cowboy on a real horse out here in the middle of nowhere? Surely, it's safe. I mean serial killers don't ride horses, right?