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Here is the last excerpt:

He was on fire for her. He wanted her so badly he could taste it, taste her, in the back of his throat, on his tongue, his hard shaft pushing insistently against the zipper of his jeans. Knowing if he didn't take this under control, they would be making love right there against the door, he backed away, taking her hand in his as he led her into his bedroom. They stopped at the end of the bed as he took her in his arms again, taking possession of her lips with all the pent up desire racing through his body. He ravished her mouth, his tongue sliding inside as his hands roamed her back, slipping beneath her shirt to work it up over her head. His hand found the back of her bra and unhooked it with quiet efficiency, moving around to take her naked breast in his palm. He lifted his head to see her face flushed with desire while she pushed against his hand.

“God, I want you,” he rasped against her lips, before he took hers again in a heart-stopping kiss.

His hands moved to her jeans, slipping the button free as he worked them down her slim legs, then back up, his hands grazing the inside her thigh. His kissed her belly as she stepped out of her pants. She inhaled sharply when he slipped his fingers inside her warm core to find her slick and wet, her hands grasping at his shoulders. Her legs trembled as he pleasured her with his fingers, his mouth kissing her along her belly.

He sat her down on the edge of the bed, kneeling between her legs as he kissed her thighs, working his way to her hot center. When his tongue found her, she bucked against his mouth and moaned as she rested back against the bedspread, his tongue slid along her and his fingers found her core.

He felt her give into her desire, moisture flowing across his fingers and his tongue
as she trembled above him. When she was finally quiet and only small tremors rippled across her body, he toed off his boots and slid his jeans down his legs, flipped them across the room. He came back to her as he found her breast with his mouth, making the desire rise in her body again as he sucked at her nipple, bringing it to a hard nub.

“Tanner, please,” she whispered, trying to bring him up so that she could take his mouth with hers, but he would have none of it. He wanted her hot and panting beneath him. His mouth continued its assault on her breast as his hand slipped down between them, finding her hot center and sliding inside.

“Oh God Tanner, you're driving me crazy.”

Lifting his head, he gave her that sexy smile as he whispered, “I know.”

“You don't play fair,” she grumbled as his head dipped again, taking the other breast in his mouth.

She began to whimper, telling him without words that she was as close as he could get her, without sending her over the top. He let go of her breast and took her mouth with his as he slipped his hard shaft inside her, groaning into her mouth.

“You feel so good,” he murmured, not daring to move yet, least things end too soon.
She whimpered again, putting her heels on the bed and lifting her buttocks so he could slide deeper, taking all him inside her.


His rhythm was slow, sliding in and out bringing them both closer and closer to that blinding end that they both sought. When she wrapped her legs around his hips and he ground his groin against hers, it was too much. The lights burst behind her eyelids and a groan was ripped from her throat as he felt her ripple around him, pulling his own climax from deep inside.
Things are getting hot in here!

She stepped out, unaware of his presence behind her. She toweled herself dry, wiping the water from her legs as she placed her foot on the toilet and bent over.

She wasn't sure when she knew he was there, but as she presented him with her back and slowly dried the front, the next thing she felt was his lips on her shoulder.
She sighed heavily as he ran kisses up to the side of her neck. She tipped her head to give him better access as a shiver rolling down her spine. Goose bumps flittered across her skin when she turned in his arms to meet his questioning gaze with one of her own. Ready to take their relationship to the next level, she dropped the towel that hung from her fingertips between them, revealing her breasts to his seeking eyes. His stare moved from her eyes to her mouth and down to her breast as his hand skimmed down her arm. Taking the object of his intense gaze and cupping it, he raked his calloused palm across the nipple, making her inhale sharply.

“You are so beautiful,” he whispered against her skin as his head dipped and he kissed her chest, moving lower until he took her nipple in his mouth.

She took a shaky breath, tipped her head back and wound her fingers through his hair. She pushed his head harder against her, arching her back, making little mewing sounds in her throat as he suckled and pulled, before moving to the other one.

Her legs trembled as he feasted on her and skimmed his hand up her thigh toward the juncture of her sex. His fingers slid into her wet core as she moaned and held onto his shoulders, praying he wouldn't stop.

“God Tanner, please,” she groaned. “I need you.”

He finally stood and looked into her eyes before he kissed her with all the pent up desire he had been holding in check, ravishing her mouth with his tongue.

Running her hands up his chest, she worked the buttons loose on his shirt. She tore her mouth from his, kissing his chest as she revealed the hard muscles to her seeking lips. His flat male nipples puckered when she grazed them with her teeth and he sucked in a ragged breath. She smiled as a moan rumbled in his chest. Her hands moved toward the belt buckle he wore, working it loose, before she got to the button of his jeans, slipping it free. She grabbed the zipper and pulled it down, moving her shaking hands insides his jeans to skim along his rock hard shaft as she heard him moan again.

“Amy.” Her name on his lips drove her desire to greater heights than she'd ever felt before, as he wrapped his hands in her hair and pulled her mouth back to his.

“Make love to me Tanner,” she whispered against his mouth as he crushed her to his chest.

“I can't fight this anymore.”

“Then don't.”
Excerpt...I lost count!

The next thing that she realized, the cow shot out of the shoot with Jason hot on his heels. He threw his lasso, looping the horns precisely on target. Unfortunately, because she daydreamed, her timing was off and she missed her throw.

“Damn it!” She pulled her rope in, frustrated at her lack of concentration.

Jason trotted back around to her and yelled, “What the hell was that?”

“I missed, that's all,” she yelled back, aggravated.

“That's all? You never miss.”

“Well I did,” she grumbled, reining her horse back toward the gate.

They trotted back toward the trailer without another word. Get your shit together girl. You need to pull your thoughts off Tanner and back to this ride, or you'll lose the competition, she thought.

When they reached where the truck and trailer were parked, they dismounted and Jason stopped in front of her as he said, “What's up with you?”

“Nothing. I just lost my concentration. I'll be fine on the next ride.”

“You had better figure out what the problem is before that,” Jason demanded his own anger evident in his voice.

“I've got something on my mind that broke my concentration. Just chill out.”

“Something or someone? You aren't still torn up about Miller are you? Hell, he used you and you fell for it, but its time to get over it and move on.”

“No, its not Jack,” she murmured as she turned away from him, not wanting to explain. She closed her eyes for a moment, trying to regain her composure, but when she reopened them, the next thing that she saw was Tanner walking toward her with a sexy grin and flashing that dimple in his cheek.

“Tanner,” she whispered, starting toward him, hesitantly at first then at almost a dead run when she realized it was indeed him, and not her randy imagination conjuring him up out of nowhere.

Meeting halfway, she threw her arms around his neck and hugged him as he pulled her close. The smell of musk and male drifted to her nose and she sighed. God it felt good to be in his arms again. They stood that way for several minutes before Jason reached them, clearing his throat, causing them to pull apart.


Jason's question hung in the air between them but she chose to ignore it for the moment. She needed to drink in everything about the man holding her close as she melted against him

She pulled back in his arms far enough she could look into his eyes. “What are you doing here?”

“You said you were riding this weekend. I wanted to see you, so here I am.”

She smiled, “I'm glad you're here.”
Next Excerpt!

“We've done gigs all over really, but mostly here in Texas. It's pretty steady at Pete's. I usually play at least one day every weekend, and one or two days during the week. The crowds are good those nights.”

“That's good. It gives you some steady income that way. I'm sure it helps with your fan base too. You seem to be pretty popular with the locals or at least the
women anyway.”

A bit shyly, he dropped his head to hide the blush on his cheeks.

“You're blushing!” She laughed as she placed her hand on his forearm. His eyes focused on her hand for a moment, before he lifted his gaze to hers and the raw desire reflected there took her breath away.

The first notes of Hypnotize The Moon by Clay Walker reached their ears, as she whispered, “This is one of my favorite songs.”

He scooted off the tailgate and held out his hand. “Would you dance with me?”

Not saying a word, she placed her hand in his as her bare feet touched the soft blanket of grass under them. Holding his gaze, she stepped into his arms with a satisfied sigh.

He pulled her close, near enough that her breasts brushed his chest as she heard a groan rumble in his throat. Her cheek came to rest against his as she felt the whisper of his breath at her ear and she shivered. Her fingers touch the softness of the hair at his nape, making her fingertips tingle.

Their bodies moved as one, with the lyrics of the song drifting on the breeze and settling in her heart.

You better run for cover. You better hide your heart 'cause once you start to love her; you know you'll never stop. She shines like a diamond when she walks into a room. She could charm the stars; Hypnotize The Moon.

Oh lord Amy, you are in trouble now, she thought as his lips touch her skin where her collarbone and shoulder met, infusing her with heat that settled between her thighs in a heady pool. The little straps of her dress, did nothing to shield her skin from the softness of his kiss. Her legs got weak as his tongue darted out, capturing the salt of her skin as she moaned softly.

When the song ended, she pulled back in his arms just far enough that she could see his face. His eyes had turned to a deep, chocolate brown and as they skimmed over her, and she was sure her cheeks had turned a bright shade of pink, as her body grew warm from his look.

When his gaze settled on her mouth, her lips parted in silent invitation, as a small sigh escaped them. He was going to kiss her. She could tell by the look in his eyes. He had every intention of devouring her mouth under his, in a kiss that she was sure would knock her socks off.

As his stare moved back up her face, she was sure anticipation was written all over it. She watched a small smile cross his lips right before he tipped his head and his lips finally met hers.

His kiss was tentative at first, but when he felt no resistance, only acceptance of what was meant to be, he deepened the kiss, moving his soft lips over hers. She felt him groan deep in his chest as he wrapped his arms around her, as if he couldn't get close enough.

Oh God, she thought, right before his tongue touched her lips, seeking entrance into the soft cavern as all logical comprehension was gone. Her lips parted, allowing him access to the moist inside of her mouth as her own moan reached the surface.
Their tongues danced, each seeking something from the other, but not exactly sure what. Their breathing came in a short, rapid tempo as desire spiraled out of control. Breaking the kiss, Tanner put his forehead against hers, closing his eyes.
She could see the pain on his face as he tried in vane to calm the rush of need she was sure raged within him, just as it did her. He slowly opened his eyes. Her own need for him rushed through her as she almost threw caution to the wind at the look in his gaze. She watched a small wiry smile cross his lips as he brought his hand up to skim gently across her jaw. She closed her eyes to his touch wanting more as she snuggled against his hand.

“We need to stop this before it gets out of control,” he whispered against her parted lips, nibbling at the corners.

“I know,” she moaned in return, a shiver running down her spine as his lips touched hers for the second time.

His hand moved to cup her breast and she pushed her now taunt nipple against his palm, craving the friction of his caress. She moved against him, tasting the passion in his kiss, as desire race along her veins like she had never felt before. You want him, Amy. You want to know what it would feel like to have him make love to you with everything he has, her heart screamed as her body reacted to his touch.
A moment later, he pushed away from her.

Bewildered, she just looked at him, wondering what the hell just happened.
Next Excerpt!

“Did you see Tanner? Damn, that's one fine looking man,”

“I know. Laurie sure is one lucky girl.”

Laurie? Who the hell is Laurie? Amy thought, a frown settling between her eyes.

“I'm sure she knows it too. They have been seeing each other for such a long time.”

“Well I'm sure one of these days; she'll get him to the altar. It's just a matter of time.”

She heard their footsteps retreating toward the door as their conversation changed and faded. The door shut with a click behind them and she was alone again.
Shock reverberated through her as their words sank into her mind. Surely they weren't talking about her Tanner, or the Tanner she had just spent the last several hours with. She must have heard them wrong. Her mind being the logical one thought, how many guys do you know with the name Tanner?

Anger and betrayal seethed through her as she ripped open the stall door and hurried to the sink to wash her hands. I’m going to find out about this right now. If he’s just playing with me, it will be the last time.

She pulled open the bathroom door and walked briskly in the direction of where her date stood leaning against a pole. She wasn't aware of the two women who watched from a safe distance, waiting for the fireworks to explode.

When she reached his side, Tanner went to slide his arm around her again, but she shrugged him off, taking several steps in front of him.

“Amy?” He caught up with her as the question reached her ears.
Giving him the most dangerous glare that she could muster, she moved away from him again. She wasn't going to discuss things in front of the crowd. She would save it for when they got in the truck.

When they reached his truck, he opened the door for her and without a word; she slid into the passenger seat, grabbed the door handle and pulled it shut.

“Do you want to tell me what's wrong?” The question hung in the air between them as she waited for him to start the truck.

She continued looking out the windshield but shook her head 'no'. She was afraid if she said something now, she would burst into tears. She wasn't watching where they were going, as anger rolled inside her, but after several minutes she realized they weren't heading back to Chris'.

Excerpt 6!

Finding two seats near the back, Amy moved through the aisle in front of him and sat down as he took the seat next to her. The theatre was already dark as the advertisements began to roll and the music blared. Tanner moved his arm behind her, placed his hand on her shoulder and pulled her close to his side. The warmth of his hand caused a shiver to race down her back, settling in her groin and he whispered in her ear, “Cold?”

Shaking her head no, she took an unsteady breath, trying to calm her overheated body. His finger tracing little circles on her shoulder was making her very aware of the man next to her.

After several minutes, he turned his head, nuzzling the hair near ear with his nose, sending another shiver down her arms.

“You were right about the smell of horses. I like this smell much better.”

She closed her eyes, her breath catching in her throat as his whisper flittered in her ear and she tried desperately to put the thoughts of him between the sheets, out of her mind. No one had ever had this affect on her before and it was driving her crazy. Oh, she had been with a few men in the past, even men who knew exactly what to do and what to say to turn her on, but never like this and he wasn't even trying.

By the time the movie was over, Amy was so hot; little beads of sweat rested on her top lip and she felt all liquid inside. Her knees felt almost too weak to hold her as they worked their way out of the row of seats.

Excerpt 5!

They continued to the restaurant in silence. Once he had parked the truck, he walked around, and opened her door, taking her hand in his as she slid out, her feet touching the ground. He tucked her hand into the crook of his elbow, shutting the door behind her.

Once inside, the waiter who met them said, “Hey Tanner. How's it going?”

“Good Matt. How have you been?”

“Not bad, working a lot. Who's the pretty lady with you?”

“This is Amy Russell. She's a friend of Chris Robins from Dallas,” Tanner grinned proudly at the beautiful woman on his arm.

“Nice to meet you Amy. Let me see if I can find you two a nice table.” Matt moved toward the podium with the restaurant seating sketched out. “This way. I have the perfect table.” Matt grabbed two menus and pointed the way for Tanner and Amy to follow.

Amy was acutely aware of the man next to her, all six feet of him as they walked side-by-side. The smell of musk and man reached her sensitive nose, making her feel all-liquid inside, her heart thumping to its own tempo.

The table they were led to, sat back in a secluded corner of the room, with a small candle burning and a single rose lying across the placemat. The table was obviously reserved, so she didn't quite understand why Matt was seating them there, until Tanner pulled out the chair where the rose sat.

Raising her surprised gaze to his she said, “What's this?”

“Call me a romantic. I thought you'd like it.” He shrugged.

“It's beautiful,” she whispered, her eyes going a little misty. None of the men she had ever gone out with before thought to do such a small thing and it quickly raised Tanner to the top of her list. “Thank you.”

“You are welcome, but it wasn't really anything.” Tanner blushed as he took the seat across from her.

You have no idea how much it meant, she thought as she watched him sit.

“Order anything you like. The rib-eye is really good here.”

Picking up the menu and setting the rose to her left, she tried to focus on the selection of food. She kept peeking over the top of the laminated pictures to look at the man before her, unable to decide if he was for real. If she didn't know better, she would think he had just walked out of one of her romance novels.

Once they had both selected what they wanted to eat, Matt took their order and disappeared toward the kitchen.

“So what would you like to do after we eat?” Tanner asked, sipping the water sitting before him.
Excerpt 4!

He flashed her a sexy smile, sure she wouldn't get on her hands and knees to dig worms. “We're digging.”

Shrugging her shoulders, she said, “Okay. Works for me.”

She took the small shovel that he handed her, dropped to her knees and began to scoop some dirt out of a hole. Her tight jeans revealed a nicely rounded backside to his appreciative stare.

Lifting her head to flash a triumphant smile in his direction, she pulled out a worm and placed it in the small can that he handed to her.

Watching her, his breath caught in his throat when she flashed him that smile. Lord I want to kiss her so badly, he thought as desire began to pool in his groin as he watched her kneeling on the ground. Images of her naked before him raced across his mind and he groaned, turning around quickly so she wouldn't see his desire pressing insistently against the front of his jeans.

“I've got about a dozen worms in here. Think that's enough?” She looked up at him, holding the can out for his inspection.

“It should be plenty to start with. I'll grab the poles if you bring the worms. There is a nice log that juts out over the river where we can sit.” He held out his hand to help her stand.

“All right. I'll follow you then. Lead the way,” she motioned, pulling her hand from his grasp, brushing the dirt from her fingers on the legs of her jeans.

They walked for several hundred feet to the spot that Tanner pointed out and she could indeed see the perfect spot to fish as they crossed on the log and sat down, side-by-side.

“This is fantastic! Are there lots of fish in here?” Amy questioned, observing the pool of water beneath her.

“My dad keeps it stocked with catfish and trout all the time so there are always things to catch in here.”

He handed a pole to her, watching her keenly.

She grabbed the can of worms, digging her fingers into the soft dirt inside and
pulled out a nice worm, threading it onto the hook. She turned to flash a gorgeous smile at him and skillfully cast the line into the pond.

“Not the least bit squeamish are you?”

Giving him a dubious look, she said, “I'm a nurse. I deal with blood and guts all the time. Do you really think a little worm is going to gross me out?”

“Yeah, I guess that was a pretty silly thought.” He sent his own line sailing into the water, making sure it didn't cross hers.

The warm summer breeze lifted the hair from her neck and she tipped her head back, letting the hair fall away as she closed her eyes.

“Um…this is nice,” she whispered.

Excert 3! I hope you are enjoying these as much as I am!

“You're leaving?”

“No. Maybe. I don't know.” Amy turned, propping herself against the car.

“Is there something wrong?”

Amy looked at his face, feeling her insides quiver at the look in his eyes.

“No…I …just needed some air. It was getting really warm in there.” Her face flushed from the heat of the night or the look in his eyes, she wasn't sure.

“I know what you mean,” he murmured.

“I thought you had started playing again?”

“We did, but when you rushed out, I wanted to make sure you were okay.”

“I'm fine, really. I'll be back inside in a minute,” dismissal in her tone.

“All right.” She watched as he turned and headed back toward the bar, not looking back as he met Chris on her way out.

“Everything okay?” Chris asked him as they met on the steps.

“I guess.” Tanner shrugged with a puzzled look over his shoulder at her then went back inside the bar.

Chris walked the rest of the way out to the car where she still stood leaning against the side.

“What happened?”

“Nothing, why?”

“There just seemed to be some tension between you two.”

“There is nothing between us, Chris. I just met him for crying out loud.”

“I know, but its not like you aren't attracted to him.”

“He's just another guy. Good looking one, I'll admit, but he’s just another guy probably looking for nothing more than to get laid,” Amy remarked, pushing away from the car. “I think I'll go back inside. There are plenty good looking men in there and I think that I'll find a few to dance with.”

She could feel Chris' frowning stare on her back, as she made her way toward the door. She was here to unwind and relax, not find another man to take Jack's place.
When she reached their table, Chris wasn't far behind and neither was the flood of men. One cute blonde cowboy with big blue eyes, found his way to her side, asking her for the next dance. As she stepped into his arms, the stare from the stage was almost enough for her to rethink her decision about dancing with others in the room, almost.
Excerpt 2! Enjoy!

“So how many of these people do you know?” Her eyes returned to her friend as she watched Chris scan the crowd.

“Everyone,” Chris answered with a grin. “I went to school with most of these people. I do see a few new faces though.”

Her own eyes moved over the crowd, almost hoping she would catch a glimpse of the cowboy from this morning, but no one looked familiar. There are lots of good-looking cowboys here though, she thought, noticing how the crowd was divided. It was obvious that the men out numbered the women, close to three-to-one.
Chris waved at someone she obviously knew and as the cute cowboy reached the table, she stood.

“Amy, this is Rob,” Chris introduced, pulling a handsome blonde guy to her side.
Sticking out her hand, she said, “Nice to meet you.”

“You too.” His blue eyes twinkling as they met hers and he snaked an arm around Chris' waist.

“Rob and I have known each other for years.”

Raising a questioning eyebrow at Chris, she smiled at the man next to her.
“Really? I'm sure you could tell me some awesome stories that I could blackmail my best friend with.”

Giving her a wide smile and a wink, he replied, “I bet I can. We'll talk later.”

“You will not!” Chris exclaimed, pushing him away from her side with a giggle.

There’s obviously something more than just friends between those two, Amy thought as she watched the exchange.

“I'll catch you later.”

“Sure, Chris. Behave yourself young lady.” He winked before he walked away.

Her gaze left Chris' face, shaking her head. She always complained that she never had a serious relationship with anyone; well, her serious relationship just walked away from her side.

Her eyes moved over the group again, watching as they shifted and mingled, reacquainting themselves with the others in the room. As more people came in through the doors of the bar, her eyes skimmed each face, almost hoping.

A moment later, she caught the sight of someone in a white long sleeved shirt and black cowboy hat making his way through the crowd carrying a guitar case. She couldn't see his face as he continued to work his way through the crowd toward the stage.

He must be with the band, she thought. Her interest was piqued as she continued to be fascinated by the way he moved. Graceful, she thought. That was the word that came to mind as he made his was toward the stage.

Right before he reached the edge of the dance floor, he turned and Amy could see his face. Her breath caught in her throat as she realized who it was. It's my cowboy. No, not my cowboy, hell, I don't even know his name, she thought. It was the cowboy from the corral. This time he was dressed to impress, with a nice shirt on, tight Wranglers that emphasized his nice derriere and polished boots. Damn! He's just as nice all cleaned up, Amy thought as her appreciative glance raked him from head to toe.

When he finally turned toward her and his gaze met hers across the room, surprise registered on his face and he took a step in her direction. One of the band members approached from behind him, grabbing his arm and ushering him toward the stage before he could go any further.

Once he reached the stage, he stepped onto the platform before swinging his glance back toward her. Her heart thumped loudly in her chest and her mouth went dry. She couldn’t pull her eyes from his even if she wanted to, as they sparkled with appreciation. He tipped his hat and gave her one of the sexiest grins she had ever received, before turning to pull his guitar out of the case.

When he broke their eye contact, a voice finally permeated the fog that had encompassed her mind.

“Hello - Amy?” Chris waved her hand in front of her face.


“Who are you flirting with?”

“I'm not flirting with anyone, why?”

“You were too. I haven't seen you that taken by someone in a long time.”

She watched as Chris looked in the direction of her stare and saw the handsome man on the stage, giving him a hearty wave. She flashed Amy a secretive little smile, before she changed the subject as the band started to warm up.

For the next hour, she was very aware of his gaze from across the room. She could feel his eyes move over her, sending a tingling of awareness across her arms. She got slightly breathless as several different men twirled her around the dance floor, but she didn’t know if it was dancing or from his heated gaze.

Excerpt 1! Enjoy! They will get steamier as the day goes by!

“Damn it!”
Amy cocked her head to listen, but the next sound was the jingle of spurs. She would know that sound anywhere. A frown settled between her eyes as she tried to figure out where the noise was coming from. When curiosity got the better of her, she pushed open the small gate, letting it click behind her as it closed.

The orange glow of the morning sun streamed over the hillside, infusing color across the sky. The cool air lifted the tendrils of her hair, brushing the ends across her cheek in a caress, while the warmth of the sun warmed her skin.

She had been drawn to the roses growing along the fence, the pungent odor filling her nose with their sweet scent as her muscles finally had begun to relax in the familiar surroundings of a working ranch. Growing up riding, roping and working with horses and cattle alike, this was like home, but the noises coming from nearby drew her to find out what was happening on the other side of the bushes.

Carrying her coffee, Amy moved through a small walkway that had obviously been used many times over the years, until she could clearly see a round pen a short distance away. It was the same structure that she had noticed the night before when they had driven by the neighbors house on their way to Chris' parents ranch, only now, it was occupied.

As she moved closer, she saw an obviously angry cowboy, lying in the dirt as the brown and white mare stood over him, shifting nervously. The cowboys black Stetson lie several feet away, where it had apparently landed when he was unceremoniously dumped in the center of the corral.

While she watched, the cowboy jumped to his feet, a stream of expletives coming from his mouth as he stomped to the railing at the side of the pen, oblivious to his audience of one.

Amy smiled into her cup, slightly amused at the cowboy’s predicament. She had been in that same position more times that she could count, over the years.

As she took a sip from the cup of hot liquid warming her hands, she felt it warm her chest as it slid down her throat and settled in her belly.

When she raised her eyes, her gaze found the cowboy again across the expanse of the pen and her breath caught in her throat as goose bumps rose along her arms. The chest that was revealed to her eyes as he stripped off his t-shirt was perfect, with just the right amount of dark hair spattered across it. His well-muscled body, tanned from many hours in the hot Texas sun, greeted her as she stared, tracing the line of hair to the waistband of his jeans with her eyes. His rock hard abs rippled as he moved, throwing the shirt over the railing. Sweat glistened on his skin as a single droplet cut a path from his neck, stopping to rest on the end of his male nipple for a moment, before dropping off into the dust at his feet. All she could do was stare as her mouth went dry. His nearly black hair curled slightly at the ends where it touched the back of his neck and a two day growth of whiskers, gave him a bit of a scruffy look that sent heat right through her middle.

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Tomorrow is the big day!! Cowboy Love hits the airwaves, uh...bookshelves. LOL You can still pre-order your copy through midnight tonight and save $2.58 shipping at

I'm so excited for this release. I hope everyone enjoys reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. And the guy on the cover is HOT!!!

Just a tidbit of info...the girl on the back in the cowboy hat is my youngest daughter, Becky. Mom convinced her to pose!

Please, let me know how you like my novels. I enjoy hearing from those that have read them.

Until next time ...


P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for To Love A Texas Ranger...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

And the winner is........................


Send me an email at with your address so I can send your copy of Cowboy Love.

For those that didn't win, I will be taking pre-orders starting tomorrow, 4-2-09. If you pre-order before 4-15-09, I will give you free shipping. That's a savings of $2.58!

Thanks to everyone for playing and I hope to see you all visit my website at Please feel free to leave me feedback on any of my novels that you've read. I love to hear from people.

Take care and see you all soon!