Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Next Excerpt!

“Did you see Tanner? Damn, that's one fine looking man,”

“I know. Laurie sure is one lucky girl.”

Laurie? Who the hell is Laurie? Amy thought, a frown settling between her eyes.

“I'm sure she knows it too. They have been seeing each other for such a long time.”

“Well I'm sure one of these days; she'll get him to the altar. It's just a matter of time.”

She heard their footsteps retreating toward the door as their conversation changed and faded. The door shut with a click behind them and she was alone again.
Shock reverberated through her as their words sank into her mind. Surely they weren't talking about her Tanner, or the Tanner she had just spent the last several hours with. She must have heard them wrong. Her mind being the logical one thought, how many guys do you know with the name Tanner?

Anger and betrayal seethed through her as she ripped open the stall door and hurried to the sink to wash her hands. I’m going to find out about this right now. If he’s just playing with me, it will be the last time.

She pulled open the bathroom door and walked briskly in the direction of where her date stood leaning against a pole. She wasn't aware of the two women who watched from a safe distance, waiting for the fireworks to explode.

When she reached his side, Tanner went to slide his arm around her again, but she shrugged him off, taking several steps in front of him.

“Amy?” He caught up with her as the question reached her ears.
Giving him the most dangerous glare that she could muster, she moved away from him again. She wasn't going to discuss things in front of the crowd. She would save it for when they got in the truck.

When they reached his truck, he opened the door for her and without a word; she slid into the passenger seat, grabbed the door handle and pulled it shut.

“Do you want to tell me what's wrong?” The question hung in the air between them as she waited for him to start the truck.

She continued looking out the windshield but shook her head 'no'. She was afraid if she said something now, she would burst into tears. She wasn't watching where they were going, as anger rolled inside her, but after several minutes she realized they weren't heading back to Chris'.


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