Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Excert 3! I hope you are enjoying these as much as I am!

“You're leaving?”

“No. Maybe. I don't know.” Amy turned, propping herself against the car.

“Is there something wrong?”

Amy looked at his face, feeling her insides quiver at the look in his eyes.

“No…I …just needed some air. It was getting really warm in there.” Her face flushed from the heat of the night or the look in his eyes, she wasn't sure.

“I know what you mean,” he murmured.

“I thought you had started playing again?”

“We did, but when you rushed out, I wanted to make sure you were okay.”

“I'm fine, really. I'll be back inside in a minute,” dismissal in her tone.

“All right.” She watched as he turned and headed back toward the bar, not looking back as he met Chris on her way out.

“Everything okay?” Chris asked him as they met on the steps.

“I guess.” Tanner shrugged with a puzzled look over his shoulder at her then went back inside the bar.

Chris walked the rest of the way out to the car where she still stood leaning against the side.

“What happened?”

“Nothing, why?”

“There just seemed to be some tension between you two.”

“There is nothing between us, Chris. I just met him for crying out loud.”

“I know, but its not like you aren't attracted to him.”

“He's just another guy. Good looking one, I'll admit, but he’s just another guy probably looking for nothing more than to get laid,” Amy remarked, pushing away from the car. “I think I'll go back inside. There are plenty good looking men in there and I think that I'll find a few to dance with.”

She could feel Chris' frowning stare on her back, as she made her way toward the door. She was here to unwind and relax, not find another man to take Jack's place.
When she reached their table, Chris wasn't far behind and neither was the flood of men. One cute blonde cowboy with big blue eyes, found his way to her side, asking her for the next dance. As she stepped into his arms, the stare from the stage was almost enough for her to rethink her decision about dancing with others in the room, almost.

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Debbie Tsikuris said...

Really love a great cowboy story!