Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Excerpt 4!

He flashed her a sexy smile, sure she wouldn't get on her hands and knees to dig worms. “We're digging.”

Shrugging her shoulders, she said, “Okay. Works for me.”

She took the small shovel that he handed her, dropped to her knees and began to scoop some dirt out of a hole. Her tight jeans revealed a nicely rounded backside to his appreciative stare.

Lifting her head to flash a triumphant smile in his direction, she pulled out a worm and placed it in the small can that he handed to her.

Watching her, his breath caught in his throat when she flashed him that smile. Lord I want to kiss her so badly, he thought as desire began to pool in his groin as he watched her kneeling on the ground. Images of her naked before him raced across his mind and he groaned, turning around quickly so she wouldn't see his desire pressing insistently against the front of his jeans.

“I've got about a dozen worms in here. Think that's enough?” She looked up at him, holding the can out for his inspection.

“It should be plenty to start with. I'll grab the poles if you bring the worms. There is a nice log that juts out over the river where we can sit.” He held out his hand to help her stand.

“All right. I'll follow you then. Lead the way,” she motioned, pulling her hand from his grasp, brushing the dirt from her fingers on the legs of her jeans.

They walked for several hundred feet to the spot that Tanner pointed out and she could indeed see the perfect spot to fish as they crossed on the log and sat down, side-by-side.

“This is fantastic! Are there lots of fish in here?” Amy questioned, observing the pool of water beneath her.

“My dad keeps it stocked with catfish and trout all the time so there are always things to catch in here.”

He handed a pole to her, watching her keenly.

She grabbed the can of worms, digging her fingers into the soft dirt inside and
pulled out a nice worm, threading it onto the hook. She turned to flash a gorgeous smile at him and skillfully cast the line into the pond.

“Not the least bit squeamish are you?”

Giving him a dubious look, she said, “I'm a nurse. I deal with blood and guts all the time. Do you really think a little worm is going to gross me out?”

“Yeah, I guess that was a pretty silly thought.” He sent his own line sailing into the water, making sure it didn't cross hers.

The warm summer breeze lifted the hair from her neck and she tipped her head back, letting the hair fall away as she closed her eyes.

“Um…this is nice,” she whispered.


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