Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Excerpt 2! Enjoy!

“So how many of these people do you know?” Her eyes returned to her friend as she watched Chris scan the crowd.

“Everyone,” Chris answered with a grin. “I went to school with most of these people. I do see a few new faces though.”

Her own eyes moved over the crowd, almost hoping she would catch a glimpse of the cowboy from this morning, but no one looked familiar. There are lots of good-looking cowboys here though, she thought, noticing how the crowd was divided. It was obvious that the men out numbered the women, close to three-to-one.
Chris waved at someone she obviously knew and as the cute cowboy reached the table, she stood.

“Amy, this is Rob,” Chris introduced, pulling a handsome blonde guy to her side.
Sticking out her hand, she said, “Nice to meet you.”

“You too.” His blue eyes twinkling as they met hers and he snaked an arm around Chris' waist.

“Rob and I have known each other for years.”

Raising a questioning eyebrow at Chris, she smiled at the man next to her.
“Really? I'm sure you could tell me some awesome stories that I could blackmail my best friend with.”

Giving her a wide smile and a wink, he replied, “I bet I can. We'll talk later.”

“You will not!” Chris exclaimed, pushing him away from her side with a giggle.

There’s obviously something more than just friends between those two, Amy thought as she watched the exchange.

“I'll catch you later.”

“Sure, Chris. Behave yourself young lady.” He winked before he walked away.

Her gaze left Chris' face, shaking her head. She always complained that she never had a serious relationship with anyone; well, her serious relationship just walked away from her side.

Her eyes moved over the group again, watching as they shifted and mingled, reacquainting themselves with the others in the room. As more people came in through the doors of the bar, her eyes skimmed each face, almost hoping.

A moment later, she caught the sight of someone in a white long sleeved shirt and black cowboy hat making his way through the crowd carrying a guitar case. She couldn't see his face as he continued to work his way through the crowd toward the stage.

He must be with the band, she thought. Her interest was piqued as she continued to be fascinated by the way he moved. Graceful, she thought. That was the word that came to mind as he made his was toward the stage.

Right before he reached the edge of the dance floor, he turned and Amy could see his face. Her breath caught in her throat as she realized who it was. It's my cowboy. No, not my cowboy, hell, I don't even know his name, she thought. It was the cowboy from the corral. This time he was dressed to impress, with a nice shirt on, tight Wranglers that emphasized his nice derriere and polished boots. Damn! He's just as nice all cleaned up, Amy thought as her appreciative glance raked him from head to toe.

When he finally turned toward her and his gaze met hers across the room, surprise registered on his face and he took a step in her direction. One of the band members approached from behind him, grabbing his arm and ushering him toward the stage before he could go any further.

Once he reached the stage, he stepped onto the platform before swinging his glance back toward her. Her heart thumped loudly in her chest and her mouth went dry. She couldn’t pull her eyes from his even if she wanted to, as they sparkled with appreciation. He tipped his hat and gave her one of the sexiest grins she had ever received, before turning to pull his guitar out of the case.

When he broke their eye contact, a voice finally permeated the fog that had encompassed her mind.

“Hello - Amy?” Chris waved her hand in front of her face.


“Who are you flirting with?”

“I'm not flirting with anyone, why?”

“You were too. I haven't seen you that taken by someone in a long time.”

She watched as Chris looked in the direction of her stare and saw the handsome man on the stage, giving him a hearty wave. She flashed Amy a secretive little smile, before she changed the subject as the band started to warm up.

For the next hour, she was very aware of his gaze from across the room. She could feel his eyes move over her, sending a tingling of awareness across her arms. She got slightly breathless as several different men twirled her around the dance floor, but she didn’t know if it was dancing or from his heated gaze.


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