Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Excerpt 1! Enjoy! They will get steamier as the day goes by!

“Damn it!”
Amy cocked her head to listen, but the next sound was the jingle of spurs. She would know that sound anywhere. A frown settled between her eyes as she tried to figure out where the noise was coming from. When curiosity got the better of her, she pushed open the small gate, letting it click behind her as it closed.

The orange glow of the morning sun streamed over the hillside, infusing color across the sky. The cool air lifted the tendrils of her hair, brushing the ends across her cheek in a caress, while the warmth of the sun warmed her skin.

She had been drawn to the roses growing along the fence, the pungent odor filling her nose with their sweet scent as her muscles finally had begun to relax in the familiar surroundings of a working ranch. Growing up riding, roping and working with horses and cattle alike, this was like home, but the noises coming from nearby drew her to find out what was happening on the other side of the bushes.

Carrying her coffee, Amy moved through a small walkway that had obviously been used many times over the years, until she could clearly see a round pen a short distance away. It was the same structure that she had noticed the night before when they had driven by the neighbors house on their way to Chris' parents ranch, only now, it was occupied.

As she moved closer, she saw an obviously angry cowboy, lying in the dirt as the brown and white mare stood over him, shifting nervously. The cowboys black Stetson lie several feet away, where it had apparently landed when he was unceremoniously dumped in the center of the corral.

While she watched, the cowboy jumped to his feet, a stream of expletives coming from his mouth as he stomped to the railing at the side of the pen, oblivious to his audience of one.

Amy smiled into her cup, slightly amused at the cowboy’s predicament. She had been in that same position more times that she could count, over the years.

As she took a sip from the cup of hot liquid warming her hands, she felt it warm her chest as it slid down her throat and settled in her belly.

When she raised her eyes, her gaze found the cowboy again across the expanse of the pen and her breath caught in her throat as goose bumps rose along her arms. The chest that was revealed to her eyes as he stripped off his t-shirt was perfect, with just the right amount of dark hair spattered across it. His well-muscled body, tanned from many hours in the hot Texas sun, greeted her as she stared, tracing the line of hair to the waistband of his jeans with her eyes. His rock hard abs rippled as he moved, throwing the shirt over the railing. Sweat glistened on his skin as a single droplet cut a path from his neck, stopping to rest on the end of his male nipple for a moment, before dropping off into the dust at his feet. All she could do was stare as her mouth went dry. His nearly black hair curled slightly at the ends where it touched the back of his neck and a two day growth of whiskers, gave him a bit of a scruffy look that sent heat right through her middle.


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