Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Things are getting hot in here!

She stepped out, unaware of his presence behind her. She toweled herself dry, wiping the water from her legs as she placed her foot on the toilet and bent over.

She wasn't sure when she knew he was there, but as she presented him with her back and slowly dried the front, the next thing she felt was his lips on her shoulder.
She sighed heavily as he ran kisses up to the side of her neck. She tipped her head to give him better access as a shiver rolling down her spine. Goose bumps flittered across her skin when she turned in his arms to meet his questioning gaze with one of her own. Ready to take their relationship to the next level, she dropped the towel that hung from her fingertips between them, revealing her breasts to his seeking eyes. His stare moved from her eyes to her mouth and down to her breast as his hand skimmed down her arm. Taking the object of his intense gaze and cupping it, he raked his calloused palm across the nipple, making her inhale sharply.

“You are so beautiful,” he whispered against her skin as his head dipped and he kissed her chest, moving lower until he took her nipple in his mouth.

She took a shaky breath, tipped her head back and wound her fingers through his hair. She pushed his head harder against her, arching her back, making little mewing sounds in her throat as he suckled and pulled, before moving to the other one.

Her legs trembled as he feasted on her and skimmed his hand up her thigh toward the juncture of her sex. His fingers slid into her wet core as she moaned and held onto his shoulders, praying he wouldn't stop.

“God Tanner, please,” she groaned. “I need you.”

He finally stood and looked into her eyes before he kissed her with all the pent up desire he had been holding in check, ravishing her mouth with his tongue.

Running her hands up his chest, she worked the buttons loose on his shirt. She tore her mouth from his, kissing his chest as she revealed the hard muscles to her seeking lips. His flat male nipples puckered when she grazed them with her teeth and he sucked in a ragged breath. She smiled as a moan rumbled in his chest. Her hands moved toward the belt buckle he wore, working it loose, before she got to the button of his jeans, slipping it free. She grabbed the zipper and pulled it down, moving her shaking hands insides his jeans to skim along his rock hard shaft as she heard him moan again.

“Amy.” Her name on his lips drove her desire to greater heights than she'd ever felt before, as he wrapped his hands in her hair and pulled her mouth back to his.

“Make love to me Tanner,” she whispered against his mouth as he crushed her to his chest.

“I can't fight this anymore.”

“Then don't.”


Anonymous said...

mmmm... nice cover, thought it was marketed to gay men though. Besides I thought cowboys loved horses so much because ladies were too much trouble... then you go off and write some crazy female fantasy in invade the man's-man land of cowboys, injuns, and brokeback adventurin' with wild female fantasies of their gay men. come on lady, don't you know that what makes a thing desirable is that you CAN'T have it no matter how hard you try. gay cowboys are the royalty of unrequited love.

Sandy Sullivan said...

Well, we all have our fantasies, don't we.

Glad you liked the cover though.