Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cover Reveal for Kathleen Gallagher's new book!


The passionate, sex-starved witch, Freya Meyer is tired of wasting time with unsatisfying lovers. She’s in search of a man who can keep up with her.  Prospects are slim in Bartlett, the sleepy little town in the White Mountain Region of New Hampshire. 

A sultry stranger with a French accent behind the counter at the Country Store is new to town. Family commitment and an unsettled past leads Paul Marton back to his childhood roots. On the rebound from a scandalous romance, Paul tries to ignore Freya’s advances, and he doesn’t let on how he falls prey to her seductive ways.

When Paul ignores her advances, Freya knows what she must do. A love spell is bound to cast the shy stranger straight into her arms. With the help of the full moon, Freya’s wishes may come to fruition. Can a lonely witch capture one night with her dream lover… walk away, and never look back? Is there a way to tame a wild witch’s heart?

Here’s where you can find Kathleen.


 Isn't it gorgeous!

Kathleen writes contemporary, paranormal, and erotic romance. She lives in New Jersey with her husband, Joseph, and their two puppies, Chaz, and Luc. Her children are all grown, but her three grandsons keep her spirit energized. She is a registered nurse who works in an emergency room. Her passion for story telling began when she was a young girl. Since her father was a professional magician, she learned how to use her imagination while assisting him with his act. When Kathleen is not writing, her favorite place to relax is down the Jersey Shore. You might find her under an umbrella, wearing a straw hat, dreaming of a new story.   

Friday, July 12, 2013

Writing cowboys!

Since this blog hop is about westerns, I thought I'd write about writing westerns! Hey, what a concept, huh?

I do love to write westerns. They are my favorite book to right. No, I don't have to do a lot of research on them while I'm writing, because I know cowboys, horses, ranching to some extent and since it's part of who I am, I'm comfortable writing it.

Where do I get my ideas? I get them from everywhere. I hear a song and it'll spark an idea. I see a person at the airport and it'll spark an idea. Many of my stories have come from song titles or pictures. I currently have two pictures on my office wall. One is a group of 9 cowboys. No, they don't all look like they are related, but they sparked the idea for Cowboy Dreamin'. 3 of them look like they could be triplets, thus my triplets in the series, Joel, Jason and Joshua. Only Joel has his own story right now.

That brings me to the other picture on my wall. It's of a guy who is Joel to me. He has the most amazing blue eyes! Wow! I mean really, wow!

Sorry, I can't find the picture on my computer right at the moment.

Anyway, the guys in this series are a complicated bunch. Jeff's the oldest and his story will release in late August called Healing the Cowboy's Heart. Joel's is already out called Make Mine a Cowboy. (which I'm giving away a three signed ebooks to three lucky winners so leave a comment!)

Available at Secret Cravings Publishing, Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, Itunes, Diesel, Bookstrand, All Romance Ebooks and several other ebook retailers near you!

Now for a few questions from me ~

What do you look for in a cowboy romance?

Do you want lots of western stuff in your cowboy romance?

Does the hero have to be a cowboy?

Give me your opinion!

Love you all!

~ Sandy

P.S. Check out for more great western authors including Jaydn Chelcee, Sarah Cass, Cindy Christiansen, Kathleen Ball, Tamara Hoffa, Marie Rose Dufour, Jeanine McAdam and many more!