Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Excerpt 6!

Finding two seats near the back, Amy moved through the aisle in front of him and sat down as he took the seat next to her. The theatre was already dark as the advertisements began to roll and the music blared. Tanner moved his arm behind her, placed his hand on her shoulder and pulled her close to his side. The warmth of his hand caused a shiver to race down her back, settling in her groin and he whispered in her ear, “Cold?”

Shaking her head no, she took an unsteady breath, trying to calm her overheated body. His finger tracing little circles on her shoulder was making her very aware of the man next to her.

After several minutes, he turned his head, nuzzling the hair near ear with his nose, sending another shiver down her arms.

“You were right about the smell of horses. I like this smell much better.”

She closed her eyes, her breath catching in her throat as his whisper flittered in her ear and she tried desperately to put the thoughts of him between the sheets, out of her mind. No one had ever had this affect on her before and it was driving her crazy. Oh, she had been with a few men in the past, even men who knew exactly what to do and what to say to turn her on, but never like this and he wasn't even trying.

By the time the movie was over, Amy was so hot; little beads of sweat rested on her top lip and she felt all liquid inside. Her knees felt almost too weak to hold her as they worked their way out of the row of seats.


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