Sunday, September 12, 2010

Please welcome XOXO Publishing author, Kristal McKerrington to the blog!

Welcome Kristal.

Hello all, am so glad to be here and its really nice to be apart of Sandy's blog for the day.

Describe yourself as a hero or a heroine and why would you describe yourself
this way?

I have to say am the sort of Heroine that a writer would hate to write about, because I change like the wind and am always dying my hair. I am a fighter, I find change and loads of other things. I am stubborn and I'm always dog determined in the things I do.

When did you start writing?

I start writing when I was really young, but I really got into it when I was thirteen. I started to write down all of the stories of the Playground we would make up on paper. It was always a contest to see who was better at it.

What made you write your book and why?

'Freedom Is Earned' was what I wrote for a friend of mine who died in a horrible car accident and for all the friends I knew that were street dancers who had died either through the Streets or through cancers. It was really my way of honouring then for not only teaching me how to dance and a freedom that is like no other, but also giving me skills that helped me get lost in a world that was a lot better than my own sometimes.

For 'A Highlander With The Ink' is was an inspirational piece that XOXO Publishing pulled out of me and it was an honour to write it for them.

Who is your inspiration?

I have five people who inspire me the most. The Hardy's are always going to be on the top five, because they were the hottest thing in Wrestling! Adrian Paul for all the work he does with PEACE and for creating stories that you can't help, but be moved by. My readers they are such a huge influence for me. My family and friends are my other constant source at the moment. My inspirations always change, but the three that have remained the constant inspiration is Adrian Paul, The Hardy's and my readers.

How did you feel when you found that XoXo Publishing contracted you?

I squealed. Thinking about that I laugh now, because it was late at night when they sent through the contract and I might not being able to do it that loud as my partner had a sore head. I sounded like a mix between a cheerleader and a high pitched singer who was missing all the notes. I really couldn't have been more excited, because XOXO Publishing had been my far fetched Publishing option in my mind. Lol.

Are you writing anything new and if so what are you writing now?

I have just finished 'A Heart Trapped Inside A Highlander', which I have just submitted into XOXO Publishing. Its a Scottish Time Travel story and it was one of the legends that we had on the Playground at School. We all made up our own Viking back in time that was awaiting for us to be sent back to them. Mine was called Adrian and this is really one of my childhood stories that I have made for grown up audiences and with the twist that no one expects.

The other thing am working on is a Mermaid story for XOXO Publishings wonderful woman Gina. Its a story about Mermaids, Mermites who are all at war with the Selkies and she is looking for peace after she ended up with the whole realm landing on her shoulders, but the thing is that to end the war means she is going to end up falling in love with the last man on the planet she ever thought she could love.

Do you listen to music when you're writing and if so which kind?

I listen to some old stuff, country and western, Hip Hop and Rock to be honest I match the music to what am writing and that is what I end up listening too. Currently am listening to Kansas, Carrie Underwood, Katie Armiger and Tyler Dean.

What advice would you give a new writer breaking out into the writing field?

Keep away from Vanity Publishing and focus on writing what it is that is in your heart, because you have to love what your working on otherwise your going to end up feeling like this is a longer road than it has to be. Keep your head up high and listen to some of the editors recommendations and make sure that you shrug off the rejections, because even though its hard there is always someone out there who would really want your stuff you just have to find them.

What promotional advice would you give a new author and why?

You have to promote yourself. I try to make sure I do at least two interviews a week or have something promotional wise on the cards, because if you don't promote yourself constantly then your not going to get anywhere and no one will know who you are. That is when truly good work is lost when an author doesn't do the leg work and doesn't take time to stop an spend time with her or his readers. Without your readers then we wouldn't be writers.

Give us a glimpse in mind what are you thinking right now?
My thought inside my mind is 'gosh wouldn't Adrian look good in a net vest and real tight black trousers'.

Thank you for participating.

Its been a pleasure being here and I hope to hear from all the readers who are interested in my work. You can find me on Facebook.!/pages/Kristal-McKerringtons-Offical-Fan-Page/111363772247616 I always have time for readers and fans of my work. Thank you again Sandy and look out for the box of chocolates that is coming to the Office real soon! You'll be able to get my stuff really soon at

Blurb for 'Freedom Is Earned'

What would you do if you saw two Street Hip Hop crews face off?

Would you recover from a shooting, then go on to lead your dance group to victory; not only to save your training ground, but to find out who tried to kill you?

In a love triangle of lies, who would you turn to?

What would your life be like after a showdown like that?

A confrontation that could tell you who tried to kill you, and disband the very people who were behind the attack: would it be worth the risk of you losing a crew that you had built up yourself with your own bare hands?

Welcome to Ambers life in 'Freedom Is Earned' where its all about the Streets and what you have to do to survive?

Can you heart take the heat?

Blurb for 'A Highlander With The Ink'

'In a town that was small and full of hot headed Highlanders there is a nurse who has a tattoo that is about to change her life. Nancy was a nurse who had recently graduated from the Nursing Program who decides to take a year off for herself after her father dies leaving her very well off. What Nancy finds in Immortal Thor is going to turn her world upside down as he is looking for a wife and she just happens to be the perfect fit.'

~ Thanks for being here today, Kristal and I wish you lots of success with your career in writing.


Drea Becraft said...

Oh How I love the covers to these books. Congrats on the releases Kristal! Wish you many sales.

Hales said...

Great post! It's great to be a new writer. It's the beginning for you :)

Kristal McKerrington said...

awww thank you both for the wonderful comments. Its just amazing for me to be here and be able to share my stories with you. I can't describe it, but I promise there is plenty of new stuff on its way to you.

Kristal McKerrington.

Margaret West said...

Good luck with your books Kristal.

Vickram E.Diwan said...

Best of luck with your release and the new projects that you are working on. You have got hell of a talent. Way to go.


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