Monday, November 15, 2010

Please help me welcome XOXO Publishing author Brandi Quick!

I’m Brandi Quick and I write Romance novels for I don’t write just Romance novels, but Hot Erotic Romance novels that are steamy—very steamy. There is a difference between porn and erotic Romance novels. I do not write porn. However, when my hero and heroine close the bedroom door, I do not cut to the ocean crashing against the rocks. I want my readers to feel his touch, to smell his erotic essence. If I don’t feel his lips on mine and on my body, I rewrite the scene.

A recent novel is The Best Man.

Jerry Tidwell and Doug James have been best friends since grade school. They did everything together until Jerry met Sherri. Sherri is jealous of their relationship and slowly cuts Jerry off from Doug, despite her Attraction to Doug. She is not in favor of Doug being Jerry's best man at their wedding but goes along with Jerry's wishes. Over time, she manages to stop all their activities together except their Saturday morning run and breakfast. The first Saturday after Jerry and Sherri return from their honeymoon, Doug gets his revenge on her – or at least, that's what he thinks.

The Best Man can be purchased at the XoXo Publishing on line store.

~ Interview ~

Describe yourself as a hero or a heroine and why would you describe yourself
this way?
Female or male? Male, would be Frank Lightfoot from Murder on Marsh Island. He’s a quarter Upper Creek Native American who becomes the sheriff of a small county in South Georgia. Why? I’m part Native American and I love the relationship that develops between him and his girlfriend, Nancy Tillman. Female, would be Linda Lopez form the same book. She is what every girl wants to grow up to be – her own woman, self-reliant, and beautiful. After retiring early from the army she joins the sheriff’s department and soon advances to Chief Deputy Sheriff. They are strong characters, and a lot of myself went into both. The book isn’t out yet –manuscript is done, but I’m still doing some editing.

When did you start writing?
Bring an only child I have always made up stories to have something to do. It became serious a few years ago when we were sunning by the pool and the love-of-my-life was reading an erotic romance and laughing. I said, “What?” Handing me the book, she said, “Read this. Is this possible?” It was a scene with three large men and a female Amazon in bed. Now, I didn’t question the number of participants, but that was a lot of action and weight on a double bed!
The next thing I heard was, “I’ve read your writing you can write better than that,” and I did. I must say it was better.

What made you write your book and why?
Most of my writing is from my experiences in my life and of my friends -- thus why I use a pseudonym. This particular story –The Best Man – came from me sitting in a bar and over hearing a conversation next to me. We’ve all had that happen. Some people are just too loud. One of the guys was telling the other how he had sex with his like long friend’s bride and she didn’t even know it. Now I ask you, have you ever had sex and not known it?? I thought about that for weeks until I came up with a reason. I won’t tell you the reason for that would give away the ending! Let’s just say when it comes to women, men do stupid things.

Who is your inspiration?
My best friend and soul mate. It’s nice to have an English major and accountant in house, so to speak.

How did you feel when you found that XoXo Publishing contracted you?
Jubilation . Opened a bottle of champagne!

Are you writing anything new and if so what are you writing now?
The Coming of Kate. It’s deals with the life of a college football player destined to become an NFL Star. After graduation he comes home and falls in love with his fifth grade teacher.

Do you listen to music when you're writing and if so which kind?
No. Don’t laugh, but I write lounging in my oversized recliner. I have my lap desk with my computer on it and I sit in front of a big-screen TV. There is a table to each side - a phone and coffee on one, research material and, of course, the remote on the other. I just cannot write sitting at a desk!

What advice would you give a new writer breaking out into the writing field?
Write about what you know. I have heard that all my writing career with no explanation. Well, here is mine. Most people had a roommate sometime – college or somewhere along the way. When you write, if you use your memories of these times in your stories, it will add realism. Use the apartment you had when you were twenty as background, then put a lover in it, whether you had one there or not. The description of the apartment adds to the story. When he swoops you up in his arms and takes you to the bedroom – describe your old bedroom.

What promotional advice would you give a new author and why?
Now this is something I am still learning myself. Look for someone who knows what they are doing and emulate them. Hey – Sandy Sullivan comes to mind. Watch what she and others do. How they promote your books on the loops and blogs.

Give us a glimpse in mind what are you thinking right now?
Why am I doing this instead of watching the Georgia Tech game? The answer is sample I love writing.

Thanks for stopping by, Brandi!

~ Sandy


Tina Donahue said...

Great interview, Brandi - your books sounds great. :)

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great interview :)

Sarah J. McNeal said...

Well Brandi, your way of writing seems way better than mine and a whole lot more fun. Loved your answers to the interview.
Best wishes...