Friday, July 1, 2011

John Wayne and the ultimate hero!

I know many of you out there absolutely loved the old westerns. John Wayne, Matt Dillion and so many more gave us hours and hours of entertainment. Shoot 'em up type westerns, the hero saves the heroine, saves the ranch, saves the town--you know what I mean. I loved watching the old westerns on Sunday afternoon with my dad. Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. The Durango Kid. Gene Autry. Those were the real men. They loved the ladies, their horse and their piece of land and not necessarily in that order. Crafting the perfect cowboy hero is my goal.

One of my favorite places to visit when I lived in Colorado many years ago, was an old ghost town they transported building by building to a new location. It was so cool to be able to look at the small shack and imagine myself as the heroine and a sexy, rugged, cowboy would ride in and save me from my life of dispair because my parents had died and left me alone. (Yes, I have a good imagination. It's important since I write romance and mostly cowboy romance.) Or being a dance hall girl so misunderstood. I might have had to work in the saloon for one reason or another, but always dreamed of being taken from that life by a handsome cowboy.

Our modern day lives leave us very little time to drift away into the land of day dreams so we must grasp onto those small times when we can lose ourselves in a story crafted by an author with a special gift. The special gift is being able to weave a story so involved and so good, we have to keep reading and keep reading until the book is finished no matter what time of the night it is.

A wonderful hero has to be sexy, good-hearted, loyal, can only love the one special woman in his life and a great lover. The heroine must be gorgeous (at least in the eyes of the hero), kind, loving, understanding and loves the hero unconditionally. With divorce rates at all time highs, we need to find a little bit of our hero or heroine in the person we've chosen to live our lives with. Take the time to explore new things together whether it be a new television show, a new landmark you've found or even a new way to stroke or touch your special person.

Take a moment to drift into a daydream whether it be your lunch break, right after dinner or right before bed. We all need to dream.

~ Sandy

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