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Thanks for coming out to help me celebrate my new release, Falling Hard (Eight Second Ride Book 1)


Meet two champion bull riders--macho, muscled Marlboro Men, confident, cocksure cowboys--from their struggle for survival in the rodeo arena, and 8 seconds of fame on the back of a 2000 lb bull to their most private encounters behind closed doors where their world is about to explode…  

Levi Bond is a seasoned pro, competing for the World Championship. Bull riding is what gets his adrenaline pumping, his heart racing, and makes him feel like a million bucks. That, and the idea of getting it on with Curt Walsh, one of the up and coming stars of the bull riding circuit.  Powerfully attracted, Curt’s confused and unsure which way he wants his life to go. Will Levi still be around, available and interested when the final decision is made?  

Get set for a wild ride in this cowboy romance, sizzling with intense desire, unbridled passion, and unexpected emotion as Levi and Curt, drawn together like mega magnets, battle not only life threatening, white knuckled action in the arena, but cruelty and bias outside it. The prospect of falling in love is as terrifying as staying on the bull without it killing them!


Excerpt 1

Curt watched Levi from the corner of his eye as he tried to keep his focus on the sports program playing on the television. He wondered if his friend was in a lot of pain. He didn’t appear to be, but he knew Levi well enough that, like any other rider, they hid their pain well. If Doc thought they were in too rough of a condition to ride, he made it well known they would be doing it against his advice.

He drained his beer and signaled for the waitress to bring him another. Tonight he wasn’t in the mood for company of any sort. Thus, the reason he’d blown off the brunette who’d sat down with him. Not that she wasn’t pretty or anything, but tonight he didn’t feel up to entertaining.

His ride this weekend earned him a little cash. The big winner was Levi. He’d taken home the first prize for the week. If I’m going to make finals, I need to get my shit together and ride.

He hurt all over. His body telling him he needed a break. With only a few weeks left to qualify, he couldn’t afford to stop. None of the riders could if they wanted to be in the finals. Vegas was coming up fast and furious.

Man, he wanted to go home for some rest. Texas called to him. The family place called to him. A break sounded wonderful and he knew his parents would like to see him. The finals screamed his name this year though. The ranch could wait. He had a good foreman and friend watching the place for him while he did his thing.

His heart felt heavy. Someday he wanted a partner, a spouse to run the place with him, but he knew that would be a long time coming. His preference in sexual partners made it difficult to settle down. He didn’t want just one, he had a mind for two.

Curt didn’t know Levi’s sexual preferences, but he had an idea. They’ve never discussed it like so many men do on the circuit, but he’d also never seen Levi with a woman. Not that he couldn’t be married or something and just didn’t pickup buckle bunnies on a regular basis. Curt was almost sure Levi liked cock, funny thing was, so did he. He liked both actually. Pussy was nice on occasion too. There weren’t too many women who got off seeing two guys together though. Any woman like that would be special, he knew. Oh well, he would know when the time was right if there was to be a woman in the mix. Right now, he wanted a nice tight asshole to plunder.

His gaze swung to Levi again as his friend leaned against the bar. Levi glanced his way and did the chin tip thing guys do as he raised his beer in salute. Curt waved him over. If nothing else, they could share a beer or two and go their separate ways at the end of the night, never knowing which way things might work should they actually discuss their sexual preferences in detail.

Levi pushed off the bar and sauntered toward him, his hips doing a slow shift as he walked. The man was built and ready for a ride if Curt knew anything at all. Tall at about six foot, broad in the shoulders and lean in the hips, he had the perfect body for a bull rider. His dark hair hung barely below his ears and his green eyes made Curt think of new sprouts. He wasn’t sure what Levi’s nationality was if anything other than white. His features didn’t support any specific nationality like American Indian, African American or anything besides good old Caucasian.

Levi was good. He’d been on the circuit quite a few years, longer than Curt had been by just a few though. Curt joined the professional tour about five years past now and Levi had been one of the best even then. This year Levi had a chance at the world finals and so did Curt. They both were hoping for a string of good rides to keep them in the running for the title.

“What’s up?” Levi ask, coming to a stop next to the table.

“Not much. You?”

“Nothing here either.” Levi tipped his chin up. “Did you want me to join you?”

“Yeah. I figured you looked lonely over there all by yourself. I’m just sitting here chilling until my body unwinds from the adrenaline rush. Drinking a beer. Checking out the pickings in the bar. You know.”

“Yep.” Levi brought his beer to his lips, taking a couple of long swallows.

Curt swallowed hard as he watched the other man’s Adams apple bob with each sip. His groin tightened uncomfortably behind the fly of his jeans. Thank God, the table is hiding my hard-on.

“You did awesome today on the back of that final bull. Great ride.”

Levi set his beer on the table. “Thanks. You got a good score on yours too.”

“Not good enough to beat you though.”

Levi smiled, showing off a gorgeous grin. Curt had the insane urge to bite Levi’s lower lip. The growl rumbling in his chest almost came out between his lips, but he managed to suppress it before he gave himself away. He wasn’t sure he wanted to reveal his attraction to the other man, just yet. He’d have to be careful. Gay action on the circuit could ruin a man’s career if it ever got out. The other guys might be a bit weirded out if they found out one of their riding buddies was gay or bi-sexual as in his case.

Excerpt 2

Curt pushed his plate away and leaned back in the seat. Levi got the impression he was totally relaxed in his element. “If I’m totally off base here, let me know, but I get the distinct feeling you are into me.”

Levi swallowed hard. What the hell is he getting at? “I’m not sure what you mean, Curt.”

“I mean you want to fuck me.”

Aw, hell. Levi blew out a breath, hesitating several seconds to gain the nerve to admit his sexual preference to the man across the table after keeping it a secret for so long. “Okay. Yes, I’m gay. I like men. I like you, but I get the feeling you are into women.”

“I am.”

“Then no worries. I won’t try anything with you. I’m okay with it.”

Curt leaned in toward the table. “Easy man. I’m bi.”

“You’re what?”

“Bi-sexual. I like both men and women depending on my moods. Today, I like men. Yesterday, I was into the two women in my room, but it ended up being a lady-fest so I watched. I got off on that too.”

“Wow. All right then.” Shock did a little dance down his spine. Curt did like men. Did he like him enough to want to fuck though? “So what exactly are you saying?”

“I want to be balls deep in your ass tonight,” Curt whispered loud enough only he heard him. “Got a problem with that?”

Levi shivered in anticipation. “Nope.”


Levi wanted Curt’s full lips wrapped around his cock more than anything in the world, but if he would actually have his fantasy man deep in his ass, he couldn’t wait for the night to come.

After they paid their bills, they walked casually across the street to their hotel. Their steps grew rushed as they approached the door to their room. Levi pulled out the key card to open the door, but before he could slide it in, Curt grabbed him by the shoulder, spun him around and crushed his mouth against Levi’s. Teeth gnashed, lips melded, and tongues danced as Curt pinned him to the door.

When Curt finally moved back, their breaths came out in ragged pants of desire and need.

“Let me open the door.”


Levi’s hands shook as he tried to slide the key card into the lock. It took a couple of tries to get the card to work.

“Easy, cowboy. We got all night.”

Levi glanced over his shoulder as he opened the door. “Anticipation is gonna kill me.”

Curt gave him a crooked little smile that made his balls ache.

The door no more than banged shut before Curt was all over him, pulling at his clothes, unzipping his pants, and pushing both his shorts and jeans down.

“I want this cock.”

“It’s yours. Suck me.”

Curt dropped to his knees in front of Levi. “I’ve wanted to suck this for months.” Curt dove in, taking Levi’s entire cock in his mouth. Levi wasn’t necessarily a big man as far as cocks go, but having Curt deep throat him was enough to drive him up on his toes.

“Easy there,” Curt whispered against his flesh as he licked his cock from base to tip. “Such a beautiful cock. You are one gorgeously endowed man.”

“I want to see you.”

“In a minute. I’m worshipping this magnificent piece of flesh here first. You’ll get your chance.” Curt sucked, licked, and swirled his tongue around and around Levi’s cock.

Levi’s leg shook from trying to hold back his orgasm. He need to come so bad, he felt like his head was about to explode out the end of his dick. “Please. I can’t handle it anymore.”

“Your turn, but first, in the shower,” Curt said, getting to his feet as he began working the buttons on his shirt.

Within seconds, his clothes lay in a heap near Levi’s shirt as he worked his boots and jeans off as well.

“I plan to fuck you clear into tomorrow.”

Levi headed for the bathroom, hoping the shower was big enough for the both of them, but if not, they would have to migrate to the bed. He didn’t care, either way. He leaned in to turn on the shower. Curt grabbed his hips, rubbing his hard cock along the crack of his ass.

“Are you ready for me?”

“Hell yeah. I’ve been ready for months.”

“Me too.”

“Why didn’t you say something sooner?” Levi asked, turning to face him. “We could have been fucking already.”

Curt kissed him lightly on the mouth. “I wasn’t sure about you. I’d heard rumors, but nothing solid. You keep to yourself very well, so I had to make double sure before I approached you.”

Once the door was open on the stall, they both stepped in under the spray of the hot water. Curt opened the soap and lathered his hands until they were slick. His hands were everywhere on Levi’s body, smoothing over his chest, down between his legs, around to his ass, washing every inch of his body before he murmured, “Rinse.”

Levi turned toward the water, letting it cascade over his face, neck, and chest as he felt Curt kneel in the shower stall and bite at his ass. He’d never felt anything so erotic in his life.

“Such a nice ass to fuck.”

Curt spread his cheeks, kneading the twin globes in his hands as he licked and bit at the flesh of his butt. One finger rimmed his back hole, pushing in to the first knuckle. “You are tight, my friend.”

“It’s been a while.”

“You’re going to feel magnificent around my cock.” Levi clenched his ass around Curt’s finger. “Oh yeah. You like the sound of that, don’t you?”


“We will do that too.”

Levi closed his eyes as he pushed back against Curt’s fingers. He thought back, realizing it had been several months since he’d had sex, and man, was he primed to go off in seconds after Curt penetrated his ass. He wouldn’t be able to hold back for very long even though he wanted to ream Curt’s ass, too, before the night was over.

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