Monday, October 11, 2010

Good morning! Please help me welcome XOXO author Brianna Martini!

Describe yourself as a hero or a heroine and why would you describe yourself
this way?

I wouldn't describe myself as a heroine because it doesn't fit my profile. Thanks for the honour.

When did you start writing?

All my life at the age of three, I come from a family of writers and artist.

What made you write your book and why?

Writing is in my blood like a vampire, I like to create stories that makes a reader want to become a
part of the storyline and the hero or the heroine.

Who is your inspiriation?

My inspiration comes from God, my father and the people around me.

How did you feel when you found that XoXo Publishing contracted you?

I was overjoyed and very very optimistic about my future writings.

Are you writing anything new and if so what are you writing now?

II have written a romance with Carl De Gasperis, I was his mentor for a year and half and he asked to co write with him.
The book will be released soon and the title is Sex It Up! Please.

Do you listen to music when you're writing and if so which kind?

I don't listen to music all the time but I do like to relax however when I do listen to my favorite music I listen to rock, love songs,
and easy listening.

What advice would you give a new writer breaking out into the writing field?

Don't stop writing, if you get rejected one time you'll be given another chance.

What promotional advice would you give a new author and why?

My promotional advice is to promote yourself one month in advance of your book release until you've exhaust all other promotional venues.

First this first is to setup your own website, then a social networking site and proceed from there.

Give us a glimpse in mind what are you thinking right now?

I'm trying answer the questions to this interview. lol...which I'm enjoying.

Thank you for participating. You're welcome and thank you for inviting me.

Add a blue shot glass, a touch of liqueur an emotional woman and a naked man. Is she drunk? Is she dreaming or has she hit her head on the marble bar stand? Find out now get a copy of Martini on the Blues. click on the bookstore button and search Martini on the Blues. You will fly and smile reading Brianna’s latest ebook release. Martini on the Blues Book One from the Martini Series.


Jade proudly placed a glass in front of Adrienne, skilfully whisking away the already empty chocolate martini glass. Adrienne was really hitting it hard tonight, harder than Jade had ever seen her.

Tears began to flow anew as Adrienne contemplated the azure blue liquor in the smoky glass in front of her. It reminded her of his eyes. Not the cheating lying louse she'd just virtually dumped, or even the eyes of almost dearly departed husband. Looking into the glass' smokey blue depths was just like staring into the gaze of her long ago college boyfriend Justin. “Oh gawd”...she cried silently.

"Wh- what's this– a, a new drink, Jade? She hiccupped then squinted her eyes to focus more clearly on the drinking glass. She had a vaguely uneasy notion she should go home soon, but she found she didn't want to, not really. Something was keeping her here, something more than seeing her friend and drowning her sorrows. She had a feeling of almost impending euphoria, as though something very good was going to happen if she stayed here long enough.

"Yes it is honey. Something I've been working on quite awhile now and it's just about perfect. It's called 'Martini on the Blues' in honour of the Christmas and of course your birthday on Boxing Day. Tonight is the first night I'm making them and you're my very first customer to have one. Happy early birthday, babe."

Adrienne sniffed it tentatively and decided she liked the smell of it. She took a quick taste. It was to her liking – a touch of strawberries, and something else. She couldn't figure it out what it was. She took another drink, then another. As she swallowed the last drop, Adrienne was surprised to see that the glass started glowing. She figured it was some kind of glow stick or something and she hoisted the glass up to peer myopically at the bottom of it, then sneezed as smoke began to trickle down from the bottom of the glass, thin and reedy and scented with cedar and strawberries.

She shook her head, setting the glass down again and catching sight of the bright Christmas decorations over the bar. Loneliness came over her again, slamming into her with almost physical painfulness...

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