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Please help me welcome XOXO Publishing author G.W. Pickle!


Describe yourself as a hero or a heroine and why would you describe yourself this way?

A hero, I'm not sure if I am a hero. I strive to be one. I'm no knight in shining armor. I'm more the ninja type. I prefer to work in the back ground, helping and doing whatever I can. People tend to turn on a known hero if they mess up and let them down.

When did you start writing?

First in Jr. High School, then in 1970, I went to college and started working at a local newspaper as a photographer and reporter. Fast forward to 2003 when I started writing a science fiction short story that became a full length novel

What made you write your book and why?

“The writer’s of the Future Contest” I read one and and decided I could do better. My entry made it to the semi final round of judging I got a letter from WOTF telling me that I needed to proceed and make the entry into a novel and I did.

Who is your inspiriation?

My desire to tell great stories and write great books.
How did you feel when you found that XoXo Publishing contracted you?
I was ecstatic. I had a lot of people who was behind this story.
Are you writing anything new and if so what are you writing now?
I have 3 stories I’m actively working on and I have 4 more on the back burner. I plan to submit them all to XoXo Publishing first
Do you listen to music when you're writing and if so which kind?
No music at all. When I’m working on a story the only way to silence the inner voices is to play some good music.
What advice would you give a new writer breaking out into the writing field?
Write, write something everyday, even if it’s only 10 minutes and worry about grammar and punctuation during the edits. The important thing is to get the story down. I’d also suggest they buy books on writing and join good writer’s groups online.

What promotional advice would you give a new author and why?

I’m still learning about online promoting. XoXo Publishing is really great about helping authors with promoting their books. This Blog tour is a great example of their commitment to helping their authors promote. I understand XoXo even has a promotional person to help.

Give us a glimpse in mind what are you thinking right now?

Right now I’m planning & plotting on my current story. I’m also planning what I’m going to do to next to promote my book as well. In addition to all this I’m coordinating my writing time, my online time, taking care of my wife time, and working my regular “Day” job time.

Book Blog

Nineteen year old Bryan Summers and his Mother moved to Middleford, Texas
six years ago from California to get away form the violence and street
gangs. He thinks Allie, the girl who lives next door, is a sexy albino, who
happens to need blood transfusions two or three times a month. He wants to
marry her and is frustrated because she wants three days to give him her

For the last three days Allie has struggled trying to decide what to tell
him. She wants to say yes, but how will he react to her secret. He had told
her, early into their relationship that, he had gotten into the vampire scene. Most of the group he belonged to went around wearing black capes and fake or implanted fangs. He even confessed, to Allie, that once he wanted to become one. They both laughed about it. Now Allie wonders how Bryan will react when he learns that she is a real vampire. Will he change his mind about marrying him or worse, hate her? Will he ask her to change him? Will he wait until he can learn and except the vampire's way of life or will she keep him a mortal and love him until he dies. Allie finally tells Allie her secret and answer. She vows to him that she will only marry him as a mortal and change him only after she is sure he can handle the vampire's life style.
Bryan agrees to her terms. The next day they buy a ring. On the way home
they stop for gas, Bryan is shot, at point blank range with a shotgun by a
man robbing the gas station. He is now in surgery and has a twenty percent
chance of survival. Does she turn him into a vampire and save his life only
to loose him because of her vow, or does she let fate decide for her.

To find out what happens and to read a 5 page excerpt or buy an excellent
erotic vampire romance go to

G W Pickle Author of "A Vampire's Love." from XoXo Publishing
http/!/pages/G-W-Pickles-A-Vampires-Love/117494981635399 http/ http/

Author of SENTI Book One of the Jackwill Chronicles." from Trytium Press at www.Amazon,com

Thanks for visit G.W. and come back anytime.

~ Sandy

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Marianne Stephens said...

I'm like you...I can't have music on when working. I find it distracting. Good for keep persevering and your talent was discovered! Not giving up and listening to those who help make such a difference.