Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sex Scene Saturday - Jake, Colby and Delaney from Difficult Choices (Montana Cowboys 4)

"I bought handcuffs and nylon rope the other day, anticipating doing this," Jake replied, pulling out the toys from the adult store he'd found.


"You're going to stick that huge thing in my ass," Delaney asked, her eyes wide with wonder and a little fear as Colby laid her on the bed. "Is it going to hurt?"

"A little at first, babe, but you'll love it by the time we're through. There's nothing like the feeling of being so full there." The packaging came apart in his hands as he withdrew the cone-shaped plug. He squirted lube on it, rubbing it around a bit as her worried expression grew.

She chewed her bottom lip with her teeth, nodded, and rolled onto her stomach. "Okay, but go slowly."

The moment her perfect ass rose to meet the smack of his palm against it, he almost lost his rigid control on his own desire. "Spread her cheeks, Colby."

Staring at her puckered hole, Jake groaned and closed his eyes for a second. To bury his cock there would be a dream come true. Not today. Today Colby would be there in her virgin hole. His time would come…soon. He spread some of the cold liquid around her anus, working it into the tissues until he could slip one finger inside her. The last thing he would ever do was hurt this woman, either physically or emotionally.

"It feels weird."


"Good, but strange." She pushed her butt back toward him. "I need more, Jake, please."

He pushed two fingers past the ring of muscles and she groaned her pleasure as he scissored them, working them in to spread her more. "Ready for the plug?"

Her breathing hitched as she held it for a moment before she nodded. After he removed his fingers, he pressed the lubricated plug's nose through. Delaney hissed and cried out, "Burns."

"I know, baby," Colby said, kneading the muscles of her stiff shoulders with his hands. "Relax. It will be easier."

"I'm trying."

"Easy, darlin'," Jake whispered, slowly pushing the plug past the resistance until it was fully seated inside her. "Better?"

"God, it feels incredible. I'm stretched beyond belief. I have this full feeling," she murmured, rolling over onto her back.

"Give me your wrists." When she complied, Colby wrapped the fur-lined cuffs on and stuck the Velcro sides together. "Lift your arms up toward the top of the bed." Colby threaded the small chain through the slats in the headboard, snapping it to each cuff.

She pulled slightly against the restraints and shot Jake a worried look.

"Too tight?"

"No, but…"

"You'll be fine. I'm not going to tie your ankles unless you don't keep your legs open." Jake spread her thighs and wiggled into position between them to lick at her pussy. "Nice." The smell of her arousal sent tingles down his spine. The glistening wetness on her pussy told him the whole scenario turned her on to screaming proportions. With a slow lick from slit to clit, her hips rose as a moan escaped her lips.

"Harder, Jake."

"Mmm. Mine to play with. You lie back and enjoy."

"God please," she begged, pulling at the restraints and trying to close her legs.

He reached up to smack the inside of her thigh lightly. "Leave them open. I'm not done yet."

"Don't tease me, Jake. I need this."

The decision to not prolong her desire came with Colby's lubricated fingers against his asshole. They all needed this so badly, he knew denying their pleasure this time wouldn't be wise. "Fuck my ass, Colby." The moment the hard, broad tip of Colby's cock slowly penetrated Jake's ass, Jake sucked Delaney's clit between his lips and flicked the tip with his tongue.

"Oh God, oh God, oh God!"

Cum flooded his mouth as Delaney's pussy quivered against his lips and her whimpers of ecstasy reached his ears.

Colby pounded against his ass as each hard thrust pushed Jake's tongue into Delaney's pussy. The tongue fucking prolonged her climax until she whimpered in another growing orgasm.

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Cindy Bartolotta said...

WOW! What a scene. I think the most difficult thing with this book will be putting it down before you finish reading it. Whew! Who turned up the heat?
Cindy B

kerriannecoombes said...

*Fans self* Loved it the first time... Loved it again. ;-)

Anonymous said...

*Fans self* Loved it the first time...And its still awesome x ;-)
From Kerrianne Coombes --I couldn't get my Wordpress account to let me leave a comment? *Thwaps wordpress*

Sandy Sullivan said...

And the winner is....Kerrianne Coombes!

Thanks for stopping by!