Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sex Scene Saturday with Beau, Brandon and Emma from Two For The Price Of One (Montana Cowboys 3)

A soft moan escaped her lips as she tipped her head to the side and back onto Brandon's shoulder, giving him better access to her neck. The moment the top eased off her breasts and exposed her taut nipples to the cool air, they bunched tight. Beau licked the tip of the right one, making her whole body tremble.

"Nice," Beau whispered, before sucking the tip into his mouth.

Her knees wobbled, and one of the twins' arms went around her waist to steady her, although she couldn't have said whose if her life depended on it. Blood rushed in her ears, and she could have sworn that at the very moment Beau sucked on her nipple, the tip of her breast and her clit were somehow connected. The tingling and throbbing she felt exploded into heart-thumping, pulsating need as cream spilled out of her pussy, wetting the silky thong between her thighs. "Please."

"Tell us what you want, honey," Brandon murmured against her neck.

"Suck harder, Beau."

"My pleasure, darlin'."

The pull of his mouth on her nipple and the nip of Brandon's teeth on her earlobe had her body screaming to move, but she couldn't decide which direction to go to get more stimulation.

"Please. I need…" Beau's mouth left her breast, and she groaned in frustration. "No, don't stop."

His lips nibbled at the corners of her mouth right before his tongue slid inside to tangle with hers. Brandon did his own exploration of her spine, shoulders, arms and waist as he reached around, unsnapped her jeans, and lowered the zipper. Cool air hit her skin as the pants and panties pooled at her ankles, and Brandon nudged her to step out by lifting her foot and removing one boot at a time. The moment she stood completely bare from the waist down, Brandon's hands crawled up the insides of her calves as his lips danced over the flesh of her butt, nipping softly at each cheek.

Beau lifted his head and growled, "Damn, woman. You burn me up with those lips, but we need to get the rest of this off." He lifted the tank top over her head and tossed it aside. "Now where were we?"

"On the bed, honey," Brandon instructed, walking her backward until her knees hit the mattress.

Her breath caught in her throat as she watched both Beau and Brandon do a little striptease for her. Each had a smattering of hair trailing from one nipple to the other across a broad chest and then in a sexy path down until it disappeared into the waistband of his jeans. The bulge each sported threatened to rip the seams apart. Hot damn!

"You like what you see, darlin'?"

"Oh, hell yeah," she whispered, capturing her bottom lip between her teeth. "More, please."

Beau unbuttoned his jeans and slowly drew the zipper down as her heart rate seemed to triple with each inch of his cock revealed. Long and thick, with deep veins running from base to head, the sight of it made her mouth water to taste the pearly essence of his desire clinging to the top. When the denim fell to the floor, she took a ragged breath, glancing at Brandon to see how far he'd undressed before looking back at Beau.

"You keep lookin' at me like that, and I won't be able to wait," Beau said, his eyes blazing with passion and need.

She licked her suddenly dry lips. "Like what?"

"With those big blue eyes and come-kiss-me lips. I want to lick you all over."

"Then do it cowboy," she murmured, holding out her hand and waiting for him to take it before drawing him down on top of her.

Moments later, Brandon crawled onto the bed beside them. The warmth of his skin heated every spot it touched. With his left leg tossed over hers, he effectively spread her thighs open for whatever came next, and what came next was Beau's feathery touch on the insides of her legs. Goosebumps followed the light skimming of his fingers from ankle to thigh, but he avoided the places she needed him most. Her thighs quivered and her pussy throbbed, waiting for him to touch it. She almost screamed when he avoided her pussy in favor of running his fingers over her stomach.

"You have magnificent tits, honey. Nice rosy nipples just begging for attention," Brandon whispered, running his lips over her shoulder.

She cupped both breasts and lifted them in invitation—to which man, she didn't care. "I want your tongue, both of you." A purr escaped her lips when first Brandon and then Beau each took a nipple into his mouth and sucked. "Yes." Beau flicked her right nipple with the tip of his tongue, bringing a tortured moan to her lips as Brandon encircled the left. "So good."

Beau released her breast and blew a cool stream of air over the nipple, humming his appreciation when the peak stiffened and beaded into a hard point.

Unable to stop the emotions and desires flooding her body, she begged for more with soft whimpers and tortured groans until she felt one of the twins nudge her thighs apart.

"Ah, God!" she screamed as the first lick touched her pussy. Her back arched when a wet mouth closed over a nipple and pulled it deep into the warm cavern. The wicked tongue between her pussy lips flicked, swirled, and speared, changing the pace so she couldn't zero in on any one thing to drive her over the edge of climax. Sensations swamped her, bombarding her from every direction. Soft nips of teeth on one nipple, the pinch of fingers on the opposite one, and the warm flick of the torturous tongue built the desire inside her to a fever pitch. Her body wasn't her own. They controlled the craving, spiraling want until she quivered uncontrollably. The tingling started in her toes, rushing up her legs to center low in her belly.

"Please," she begged. "I need—"

"We know what you need, honey," Brandon whispered against her lips, leaving the cooling wet spot on her nipple open to the sensations of his chest hair sliding across the tip.

"She's so sweet, Brandon. Wait until you taste this," Beau said from between her thighs. "I could eat her all day."

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Very nice excerpt Sandy! I've only read the first Montana Cowboys, but I'll definitely have to hop to it so I can this one:)